Below you will find the links to download various spreadsheets. Each spreadsheet has an instructions page for details on how the spreadsheet works. In the future we plan on creating video instructions for those less accustomed to Microsoft excel. We will also be working on copies that are more compatible with Numbers for Mac OS users. You can also find these spreadsheets as well as other finance calculators and tools on our Tools page

Personal Budget

The Personal Budget spreadsheet is used to help you create a budget and then keep track of your progress towards achieving that budget. Click the image to download the spreadsheet.

Net Worth Tracker

The net worth tracker spreadsheet is used to help you keep track of your assets and debts to determine your net worth and continue to monitor them as your net worth hopefully continues to grow.

This spreadsheet comes in two versions: a 12 month version where you start a new spreadsheet every January, and a continuous version where you can continue to add months on to the end when you run out of room. The continuous version is a little more work but allows all of your longer term data to be viewed on one spreadsheet. Click the top image to download the Continuous spreadsheet or the bottom to download the 12 Month/Annual version.