Congratulations on sticking it out to the final lesson! Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. I would like to do a quick review on some of the main takeaways of the course so they are fresh in your mind as you continue your journey to Financial Independence.

  •  Track your budget and review your finances routinely. I do mine at the end of each month. All plans change, financial plans are no different. Don’t be afraid to reassess them.  
  • Don’t forget about the emergency fund – it’s boring, but you’ll be glad it’s there.
  • Take advantage of company health/dental benefits if they are available to you as well as any matching programs they have.
  • Look at the insurance plans you have, and think about the insurance plans you need. If you need insurance plans you don’t have, get them. If you have insurance plans you don’t need, are they worth the cost?
  • If you have debt, focus on getting rid of it one debt at a time. Have a plan.
  • Don’t forget to try cutting the cost of expensive recurring payments by shopping around or negotiating.
  • Make regular contributions to your investment accounts and take advantage of registered savings plans.
  • Most importantly, build a positive relationship with money and don’t worry about the minor inefficiencies. A personal finance plan is there to make your life easier, not harder.
I hope everything you have read here helps you on your journey. While I think this course currently captures a broad amount of topics in personal finance, some things are never finished. I will continue to add to this course as time goes on, and I would love to hear back from you about things you still have questions about, topics you found confusing or areas we can improve on! You can reach us via our contact page, or send us an email at There is one more section after this one containing a few more miscellaneous articles that didn’t quite fit in the course, but I think you could find relevant and/or helpful.


Good luck on your journey! 

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